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Why choose Primal Feast Hydrolysed Beef Protein to help fuel your gains?

Let of begin from a position of strength: the source of our raw material comes from one of the world’s most respected Beef Wholesalers. Our base material is a highly bioavailable protein derived from a functional food source acknowledge by many to be the foundation of muscle building and repair—BEEF!

Beef consumption has long been associated with the world’s most vibrant and successful athletes. It does not matter by what specific means you breakdown your lean muscle tissue—trauma is trauma. From Bodybuilding to Cycling, Cross-fit to Swimming or Powerlifting to Tennis any sport can generate a significant amount of trauma to our musculature and joints. Each of these activities in turn leaves your body calling for a protein driven repair via the consumption of whole foods and, in many cases, the "additional" consumption of supplemental protein powders.

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We are able to do this precisely because our raw ingredient supplier raises, nourishes and brings to market beef, yes, real New Zealand born, raised and pasture grazed, whole food Beef—from Beef Cuts sold in many U.S. Supermarkets to the Finest Steaks sold at many of America’s most prestigious Steak houses. Our Primal Feast Hydrolyzed (predigested) Beef Protein is produced from these same live Beef stocks as " beef flesh, tendon and ligaments drawn off meaty bones". We do not use beef skins, hooves, ears, noses, etc. to produce our product. This is important because collagen is not a complete protein. It is considered as an incomplete protein because it is devoid of the amino acid tryptophan. Only a complete protein can repair human skeletal muscle. This is confirmed by the fact that a PDCAA score (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid) of a complete protein is 1.0, but PDCAA of collagen is 0.08. The PDCAA score is a way of estimating protein quality depending on amino acid requirements of the body and its ability to digest them.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.