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ANZCO Foods is proud to be working together with The Beef Authority to bring our Hydrolysed Beef Protein Powder forward for the benefit of American dietary supplement consumers. The key ingredient in our Primal Feast, is Hydrolysed Beef Protein which is sourced from ANZCO Foods, one of the New Zealand's largest exporters, with a rich history of taking world-class beef and lamb to the world, as well as a growing range of innovative food and healthcare solutions.

ANZCO Foods are a vertically integrated company, meaning they control the process from the sourcing of the finest New Zealand raised beef, right through to the processing of the beef and lamb.

Raised in the pristine New Zealand environment with lush green pastures, crystal clear water and crisp air, their beef and lamp is high in nutrients essential to healthy living. An excellent source of protein, as well as rich in iron and zinc, it provides a unique 'power pack' of nutrients important to optimal health as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

ANZCO Foods also focus on adding value through innovative food and healthcare solutions further ensures their products are meeting customer need for quality, nutrition and convenience. And with and expanding healthcare division they're advanced in providing solutions for those requiring pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Animal welfare is a key part of the values of ANZCO Foods, and their Farm Assurance Programme is independently audited to ensure they meet international standards. The ANZCO Farm Assurance Programme is about ensuring on-farm efficiencies to support farmers in producing healthier livestock.

The key areas of their Farm Assurance Programme are:

  1. Food Safety
  2. Animal Welfare
  3. Enviromental Sustainability
  4. Traceability

In Depth: The ANZCO Farm Assurance Programme

The ANZCO Farm Assurance Programme is independently audited by a third party which is accredited under JAS-ANZ to International Standards ISO/IEC Guide 17065.

The ANZCO Farm Assurance Programme can help improve on-farm efficiency and ensure farmers produce healthier livestock, and therefore become more profitable. Food safety, traceability and quality assurance drives our ANZCO Farm Assurance Programme to help our farmers manage and achieve the approved high standards through checking farms, identifying animal health issues and record keeping.

It has requirements in four main areas, each of which is verified as part of the accreditation and auditing process:

  1. Food Safety – food products must be free from dangers arising from biological, chemical and physical hazards. These are mandated requirements in New Zealand, which the ANZCO Farm QA programme exceeds.
  2. Animal Welfare – according to strict national animal welfare standards, which is included and exceeded within the programme, livestock are expected to have been raised in farming systems ensuring the five freedoms:
    • Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
    • The provision of appropriate comfort and shade
    • The prevention and/or rapid diagnosis and treatment of injury, disease or infection
    • Freedom from distress
    • The opportunity to display normal patterns of behaviour
  3. Environmental Sustainability – livestock are expected to be raised in farm systems which are sustainable. NZ has national and regional standards for water quality and nutrient management.
  4. Traceability – livestock must be able to be traced from the retail outlet right back through all stages of their lives to birth. This is mandatory in New Zealand.

ISO/IEC Guide 17065