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We have partnered with ANZCO New Zealand, a world renowned wholesaler of fine whole meat beef products. ANZCO is the first company in the world to use meaty bones as the base for their HYDROLYZED BEEF PROTEIN POWDER (HBPP). This raw ingredient is the only active ingredient used to formulate the Beef Authority’s Primal Feast HBPP.

Primal Feast is a unique beef protein powder produced from beef flesh and the connective tissue (ligaments and tendons) that holds that beef to the bone.

Made from 100% New Zealand Beef

On world markets, New Zealand's sustainably-farmed, grass-fed beef has earned a well deserved reputation as some of the world's finest beef. This is due to the fact that many countries do not have the space and environment or the efficiency and skill to farm, process or market beef in the manner that New Zealand does.