Our Mission is simple—we are bringing to market a clean, pure, uncut Hydrolyzed Beef Protein Powder which will help to fuel your body with the blessings and benefits associated with Beef Consumption. Whether you are recovering from an illness or injury, attempting to offer the elderly a delicious and nutritious boost to their protein consumption or involved in extreme resistance or cross fit training Primal Feast can definitively help you fuel your recovery from all such activities. Fact--No company on earth offers a better Beef Protein Powder. Honest.


Hello— it is an honor to welcome you to The Beef Authority’s website. My name is Mark Rustad and I am the founder and CEO of this new company. I began training with weights in 1967. I saw a picture of Dave Draper in a late fall 1967 issue of Popular Science and could not believe that men such as he actually existed. How could I? I was 12 years old, 80lbs, sickly and weak. My relationship with “Brother Iron and Sister Steel” would ultimately change all of that-- within 6 years I had gained nearly 90 lbs and I began to compete in the annual AAU Mr. Connecticut Competition.

Between 1973 and 1977, on three separate occasions, I placed in the top 5 in the Open Mr Connecticut competitions. There were no height or weight classes—just the 5th thru 1st, Best Legs, Chest, Back, Arms, Abs, Most Muscular and Best Poser Trophies atop a cloth draped table to the right of the posing dais. That dais was lit by a single harsh spot light which revealed all flaws. As many as 100 competitors might show up, with 65-70 being cut following the afternoon prejudging and only 30 or so contestants being allowed to present to the event audience at the evening show. On the last two of those same three nights where I placed in the top 5, I also won the Best Poser Trophy. It was a incredible experience to go from weakness to strength—to go from a physical laughing stock to an accomplished bodybuilder-- able to present his Art in so graceful and powerful a fashion that audiences actually stood and roared in approval.